Sunday, February 6, 2011

Streams of Consciousness – “NFL Superpro Appreciation Day” Edition!

NFL SuperPro #1 Issue One Ron Frenz John Romita Sr. Joe Sinnott Fabian Nicieza Spider-Man Marvel Cover comic bookIt’s that time of year again: the day when we all pause for a moment of silence to remember the greatest hero and sports legend ever to star in his own Marvel comic book. That’s right, ladies and gentleman. Today is NFL Superpro Appreciation Day.

Okay, so I’m just messing around a bit (even though I really would like to see Marvel release an NFL Superpro collection one day!). I hope everyone is enjoying Super Bowl Sunday; personally, I’m pretty excited. As a proud resident of Wisconsin, you can probably guess who I’ll be rooting for, but I honestly think both teams are pretty evenly matched and that it will be an exciting game, no matter who comes out on top (must…resist…Roethlisberger joke).

But you didn’t come here for my thoughts on football – or at least, I certainly hope you didn’t! I sort of fell off the two-reviews-per-week schedule I had intended for last month, but on the bright side, I did manage to post more reviews than if I had been doing them once a week. I’ll make up the ones I missed with extra reviews at some point in the future, I promise. At least for this month, though, I’ll be doing my best to keep to a weekly schedule.

In other news, I’ve updated the Marvel TPB Timeline yet again with over 150 new books. The 1980s are now finished, and so is 2005 (aside from House of M, which goes at the end of the year and will be part of the next update). There have been a lot of requests for me to add material that takes place after Avengers Disassembled, so hopefully this will satisfy people at least until the next update!

Stay tuned for more timeline updates and for a new review sometime this week!


  1. How many issues of this series were there?

  2. There were 12 issues plus a one-shot, all published in 1991 and 1992.

  3. That's the spirit, X! Man, what a great game. :)

  4. Anytime the Steelers, Cowboys or Patriots lose I'd consider it a great game! :P

  5. Let me tell you something, NFL Superpro is an unappreciated masterpiece... well, an under-appreciated masterpiece trainwreck.

    The FutureWife got me the whole series for Christmas and it was AWESOME! I did a whole week on it if you want to check it out (and don't mind the cheap plug!).

    Also, I'm very happy that The Pack won. I can only hope that Farve watched the game from his dungeon in Minnesota and wept into his warm beer.

  6. Wow, a whole week on NFL Superpro! I will most definitely give that a read, Matt. Thanks for stopping by!